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Plant-based diet?

For the past few years I have explored the limits of my physical capabilities and have found some answers while uncovering new questions. What I have found is that my physical limits are not solely limited by my physical attributes rather by my understanding of them.

With all this new free time on my hands because of my accident, including a 3-hour commute on the LIRR to work 5 days a week, I have become an avid reader. At first I started to read non-fiction books then, books by professional triathletes, followed by books on triathlon specific training and coaching, then a huge stint on doping in professional cycling and finally on food. A common theme woven throughout these books was achieving ultimate physical performance. I certainly won’t be doping but my curiosity and interest was spiked with the consistent mentioning of the benefits of plant-based diets.

For over a year I have been using Ignite Naturals’ nutrition products. Their products are based on organic ingredients t…