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Finding My Ultra 2.3

The bar has been raised over the last three weeks. Volume, duration, intensity have all been pushed to new levels and I'm now ready for some recovery!
I'm roughly 3 months out from Traprock and I believe I'm setting myself up for success come race day.  As I look through my training logs to reflect and develop the next training block I cant help but be pleased.  The 3-3.5 months of base training I put in have certainly paid off.  The foundation created during this time has allowed my body to safely and quickly adapt to the increase in training stress I have applied over the last 3 weeks. For instance I have put in 60 mile weeks for the past three weeks without a hint of consequence.
I have opted to reduce the training volume this week and utilize it as a micro recovery period.  My intentions are to permit my legs a bit of recovery in order to absorb and adapt to the recent training stresses so I can put in another successful, big volume block of training before Race Prep …