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Is it possible to have a bad training session?

If you answered, Yes, then you might be missing or forgetting about an important aspect of training.

I don't believe that a person can have a bad training session.

Every athlete goes into their training session expecting to be 100% successful.  Our goals for that specific session might be predetermined my one's self, a training plan or coach. The success of the session is determined by reaching or surpassing those goals (speed, pace, wattage, heart rate etc.)  However what happens when you can't reach your physical goals? Does it mean that you failed? Does it mean you just wasted your time? Or ruined your training plan? Or dare I even say, lost fitness? Absolutely not. 
Athletes often forget about the mental aspect of sport. They forget that mental strength is just as important if not superior to physical strength. When the body isn't firing on all cylinders athletes must remember they can still become a stronger athlete, a more dangerous athlete if they choose to focu…