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Starky hate?

Andrew Starky.
"Starky" has been an athlete I have enjoyed watching race and follow. He is not your prototypical pro triathlete; he is 180lbs in top form, he lives and trains in the mid west, Chicago I believe, all year round, he doesn't have a race kit littered with sponsors and endorsements (although I suspect he would enjoy the financial backing), he doesn't hide his strengths and isn't afraid to talk about his game plan.  His game plan is probably the number one reason why I'm a fan.  He goes hard, as hard as he can, from start to finish and he doesn't care if he blows up in the process.  He is quoted as saying that he has the "thinnest playbook" in professional triathlon, swim as hard as a he can, bike as hard as he can, then hold on for the run.  This game plan never changes, everyone knows about it yet he still wins.  It probably helps that he is a top swimmer and arguably the strongest cyclist in the sport( "Mr. 402"). If you d…

Interview w/ Meaghan Harris 2.0

Damn, it's been a long time and thousands of miles since our first interview. A ton has happened in your life since we last spoke or should I say since I last interviewed you? Last time we talked you had just left your job as a teacher to start something new....working at a bike shop. Is working at a shop everything it's cracked up to be? Ha. Well, I will focus on the positives here and say that I was able to meet and form great friendships with some really awesome people. It was good to spend a year in the bike industry and get a glimpse into how a shop is run (and realize more about how a shop should be run); in addition, my friend/ co-worker Paul taught me a lot about basic to intermediate bike mechanics and really the importance of understanding how things work, Without that time in the shop I probably wouldn't have ever had the opportunity to be an athlete ambassador for Liv/Giant- an experience that also afforded me the opportunity to meet more awesome people, race tri…