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Back at it: Chapter 5 - Harriman Race Report

The Lead In: 1. This triathlon was my first race in two years. 2. 100% of my swimming has been alone in the pool 3. 99.9% of my biking has been on the trainer. My tribike has never seen the light of day. 4. 100% of my run training has been done alone. 5. I knew I had built some amount of fitness but was really unsure of how I would perform and execute against the competition.
Goals: 1. Be the shark in the water. 2. Move quickly and with purpose through both transitions. 3. Race the bike. 4. Make any move permanent on the run and do not get passed.
Swim: It is a rarity to swim on an accurately measured course and this course is notorious for being inaccurate. This translates to strange and sometimes shocking pace results. Knowing this ahead of time my only concern was to come out towards the front. 
The triangle shaped swim started on the beach. I lined up to the far left of the starting arch and directly behind the first row of 3 swimmers. The horn sounded; there was a quick run, some dolphin divi…