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Back at it: Chapter 4

Obviously this is not a video as I had hoped to do but I'm holding myself accountable so here is my update.
I have had one, very unique thought during the last month of training which I have never had before, I regularly felt that training was a job.  For the first time ever I wasn't having fun while training. It was starting to feel like a job and was consequently changing my attitude toward  triathlon.  I have always said that when and if I find my limits or if I stop having fun then I will step away from it.  Was now the time to graciously bow out? I voiced my concerns and change of attitude to Meliss and reflected quite regularly on why I started to feel this way.  As I come to the end of this building block of training I think an answer has emerged.
This culminating block of training was focused on running and building speed. While I knew my body would be able to tolerate the increased stress, without fear of injury, I underestimated the impact of that stress and the requir…