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I'm Hungry

I'm back and I'm HUNGRY!

I have just completed a solid month of training and I'm feeling great.  It wasn't until the last week or so that I have developed a hunger and a focused purpose to my training.  The first few weeks were slightly frustrating coming to terms with how much fitness I had lost while dealing with babsiosis.  However this past week I have started to feel my fitness and endurance levels taking small steps forward.  I'm very eager to conquer another month of training and I anticipate large gains in my fitness and endurance.  It was truly awesome to observe the level of conditioning I reached working with Matt of Organic Endurance while unknowingly couping with babsiosis. I can't wait to witness the potential of my conditioning while healthy.

I have pulled out of all my focal races this season, Vineman70.3 and Timberman 70.3, due to obvious reasons but there was no way I was going to let this season end without a race.  I worked with Matt to pick…

Smith Point Race Report - A different perspective

I wasn’t sure if I would be writing another race report for 2012 after falling victim to babsiosis but here I am punching the keys to offer a unique insight into my race at the Smith Point Sprint Triathlon.

                                                       The Game Plan:

My Dad has been putting in some serious effort this season and has upped his commitment to the sport as well as his fitness. He has put in a serious amount of time on the bike and has dedicated himself to improving his run. His effort, understanding and purpose of training have given rise to his confidence as an athlete and having a very successful race season.

SWIM: Going into the race the game plan was to swim straight by utilizing his sighting ability and to be prepared for the typical disorientation encountered when emerging from the water. Time was not ever spoken about nor a concern because if he swam to his abilities and swam straight then his time would take care of it self.

BIKE: Hammer the bike…