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So now what do I do?

For a majority of age group athletes the 2014 triathlon season is over.  Medals are hanging from hooks, race photos are in frames and the mind is full of memories and war stories of the season that was.  As you eventually come down from the emotionally charged season the common and routine question arises, now what? Just because your season is over there are still plenty of very important things to do to properly end your season.

The very first thing I recommend doing is saying,"Thank You".  Make it a point to thank everyone that helped you along your journey through the season.  Thank your loved ones for EVERYTHING. Just like you they had to deal with and shared in your successes, failures, podiums, bonks, eating habits, sleeping patterns, crankiness, naps, long weekend rides and runs, massive amounts of laundry...they essentially did everything you did except race. Thank your coach and training partners for not only their motivation, guidance but also for th…