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Finding My Ultra 2.0

I have stored away my bikes and packed away my swim gear because I have fully committed to finding my ultra! The new sense of adventure has my adrenaline flowing.

There were a few must-haves when selecting my first ultra. First, it had to be on the trails.  The excitement, stimulation and changing landscape of trail running has no equal.  I also wanted the race to be off Long Island. Finding a race away from home would leave me out of my comfort zone.  With unfamiliar trails and faces the level of adventure would be through the roof.  As if the distance wouldn't present enough of a challenge I wanted a race that would allow me to redefine "my comfortable" and push me to and possibly beyond my limits. The Traprock 50K in Bloomfield, Connecticut meets all the criteria.

Training for Traprock has already started. The first couple of months of training must be managed extremely carefully so that my body has time to adapt and then grow  from a totally new training regiment. F…