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Interview with Matt Wontz; 2.0

Rumor has it that you are a drummer in a wedding cover band, can you confirm or deny this rumor?
Sadly, I must deny this one. Music was, and still is a huge part of my life and for a long time I played drums in a variety of bands. Many of the lessons I learned and habits I picked up from studying music translate well to training, racing and coaching.

Last season was not an ideal year for you as an athlete. You had a hell of a time at the Harriman Half. Could you tell us what you learned as athlete from that race as well as a coach?
You certainly put that lightly. Harriman was hands down the worst race of my career and I'm ok with admitting that. Everyone is quick to boast about their great races but rarely share their poor results. I truly believe you learn more from the bad races than the good ones. As an athlete I saw the importance of not being overly confident, being able to adapt your race plan and keeping your head on straight when your body is revolting against you. I also l…

Running: Downhill

"Don't run hard down that hill because you will pay for it later in the race". How many times have you heard that?

Initially I preached it also. And for what it's worth there is certainly some truth behind it. Running downhill certainly beats up your legs. I certainly do not run hard downhills with the fear of not finishing a race strongly or just finishing period. As of two weeks ago my opinion on this has dramatically changed.

Two weeks ago I was given a run session that required the same effort level on the flats as on the downhills. I knew immediately I would have to embrace running downhill and alter my original train of thought to achieve the goal of the session. I performed this session at the Old Westbury Campus which has plenty of rolling hills. Throwing caution to the wind, I focused and followed the game pan. At the bottom of the first hill I was expecting to feel my quads being torn apart. That feeling never came. At the bottom of each successive hill my …

Greener Diet: UPDATE

It has been two months since I started to clean up my diet and make it "greener" or more appropriately stated, colorful. The results are eye opening.
Before I get into the details of the physical changes I want to be clear on some key points. First I train to be fast. My physical appearance is a result of my efforts to get from point A to point B, which more times than not are 70.3 miles apart. I do not train for “washboard abs” or to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.
Secondly I'm an opponent of frequent weigh-ins. The numbers on the scale are just numbers and weight fluctuates too much day to day to be of any significance over the short term.
At the end of the first week of each month I take what I call "my vitals".  On Saturday morning of the designated weekend I wake up and immediately take my resting heart rate. I then proceed to the bathroom, to measure my body weight (I realize what I wrote above) and body fat.
The only reason I do this each month is for he…

Rediscoverd Running

A strength that has set me apart from other athletes from kindergarten to College was my speed.I was hands down one of the fastest athletes on the field, court etc or the one with greatest amount of firing fast-twitch muscles fibers.When college came to end so did my career with field sports, my speed and desire to run.The years of punishment I put my legs through sidelined me for a few years.
Then came triathlon and a new understanding and appreciation of how my body operates.Now I run for endurance rather than for speed and my reliance on fast-twitch muscle fibers has transitioned to a reliance on slow-twitch muscles fibers.With any type of endurance training there must be a relationship between your cardiovascular fitness and biomechanics.Being deficient in any of the two will limit your endurance capabilities.Through a lot of trial and error I have managed to drastically alter my biomechanics, specifically my efficiency.Because of this recent development I have rediscovered the e…

2013 Race Schedule

I have a created the first half of my race schedule under the assumption that I will be able to swim. The true extent of the damage done to my shoulder will be glaringly obvious once I attempt to swim.

Without further delay these are my confirmed races for 2013;

Harryman Olympic - May 18th – Harriman State Park, New York
Last year I raced the Half distance and had a horrible time. I wouldn't say my time was a direct result of the difficult course rather the explosion of babesiosis during the race. I’ve developed a true appreciation and respect for the Harryman course . This race offers an authentic test of one’s fitness at the beginning of the season. My reason for participating in the Olympic distance rather than the Half is because my shoulder is still a huge question mark.

Rev 3 Quassy Half -June 2nd - Middlebury, Connecticut
I have not heard one negative thing about this company and race. All of my friends have had rave reviews about it and always tell me, “you have to d…