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Finding My Ultra 2.1

Goals for the first month of Finding My Ultra:
1. Consistency: CHECK 2. Frequency: CHECK 3. Average Mileage per week between 20-30: CHECK 4. Form>Pace: CHECK 5. Homework: CHECK
Consistency and frequency were my two top priorities for the first month of base training. Both of these were achieved. I was able to run for the entire month of October without any hiccups.  I started off running five days a week and then at the midway point increased the frequency to six days a week. The pattern for each week was essentially the same; Monday through Friday I ran before work, Saturday I would be finished by sunrise and Sundays I pedaled my bike.  Im headed into November full of confidence, curiosity and a sense of adventure.
October and November are being treated as base building. I achieved my goal of averaging 20-30 miles per week (I averaged closer to 25-30 miles/week).  My runs alternated between "hard" and "easy".  This alternating pattern was a good way to ensure …