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Finding My Ultra

I have had no affinity to run a marathon. However there is a unique allure to ultra distance running. It's somewhat counter intuitive to be attracted to a longer distance when the preceding distance is repulsive.
One of several off season goals of mine was to run 20 miles.  I wanted to test my limits and become acquainted with "longer" running distances.  For a majority of my endurance and multisport friends 20 miles is routine.  I have never ran more than 13.5 so my 20 miler was going to be an adventure, I was going to be taking the first step in finding my ultra.
I certainly had concerns going into this run; 1. How would my body react after 14 miles? 2. How to effectively pace myself? 3. How to hydrate and fuel during the run 4. How would I mentally coupe with running for 2+ hours 5. What type of clothing should be worn to avoid chafing?  6. How would this impact my triathlon training specifically the bike?
I had mapped out several different routes with varying challe…