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Significance of Pacing

A personal goal of mine, as it relates to the 70.3 distance, is to be able to race the distance...currently I pace this distance.  From my perspective there is a significant difference between racing and pacing.

I define racing as doing what it takes, legally, to finish ahead of your competition.  If the competition and I are racing to finish on the podium then all I need to do is finish one second faster than 4th place.  When racing;  pace,splits,power,speed are irrelevant  just as long as the cumulative time is better than the competition. Therefore when truly racing there is no need for any fancy technology. The only necessary tool or skill required is race instincts; calculating what needs to be done physically and mentally to better the competition.  Each year I take another step closer to achieving this goal. Hopefully with intelligent, hard work I will be able to race 70.3 miles.

Taking a big step back into reality, I continue to pace my races.  I have no shame in this.  Pacing f…