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Finding My Ultra 2.4

One of my foundational pillars when it comes to training is efficiency. I cannot afford to waste any time and have admittedly become obsessive with the clock.  I do my best to maximize every second.  This means laying out my clothes the night before, preparing food the day before for pre, during and post consumption, utilizing technology, riding the trainer, running on the treadmill, staring at a black line, creating check lists, reviewing training goals, sessions, establishing immediate,short and long term goals, training with a specific purpose etc.  This obsessive behavior has been magnified by the weather this past month.  With temperatures dropping and road conditions worsening I have become one with my treadmill. Efficiency kills.
For the past 30 days I have completed each run on the treadmill.  For some this would be the cruelest form of torture but for me, a satisfying enjoyment.  Running on a treadmill provides a controlled environment free of distraction and inefficiency.  …