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Just a few more weeks

Just a few more weeks and I will be toeing the line!
It has been a super long time since I raced last, actually it will practically be a year to the date.
Am I ready to toe the line? 
Mentally: Yes Emotionally: Yes Physically: No
I haven't had the best of luck pedaling my bike as of recent.  The unidentified injury that I wrote about in my last blog was actually a broken collar bone.  Yes, I broke my collar bone again.  As a result my swim training has pretty much been non-existent.  I broke my collar bone, for the second time, on Easter Sunday.  Right after it happened I told Matt that I needed one week off.  I then told him that I want to hit the bike hard again at the end of the week, that I'll start running a week after that, then swim the following week.  I gave myself 4 weeks to heal.  The average timetable for a collar bone to completely heal is 12 weeks.  I have done exactly what I said I'd do.
I'm currently ready and confident that I can and will race 2 out of…

Standard Protocal

As keeping with standard protocol I once again have managed to hurt myself right before the race season. Long story short I was on my bike then, in a pothole then, on my shoulder.

If this was my first incident resulting in injury I would be freaking out, probably crying, super angry and not a pleasant person to be around. Thankfully (for everyone) this isn't my first rodeo.

I'm aware of the extent of my new injury and the time it will take to heal. Thankfully my legs are good to go so I will be back pedaling, running and swimming (in that order) sooner than later.

Any athlete or active person cannot stand being immobilized in any fashion. All we can think about is what we can't do when what we really should be thinking about is what we can do.

Triathletes are a special breed of person and if you are one or know one than you are very aware of how their life revolves around the sport. The energy they put into triathlon is admirable and at times insane. As triathletes it'…

Consistency and California

Some people ride the highs and lows of each individual session of each day.  While I do enjoy the highs associated with nailing a training session I don't fall apart when I don't.  There is no way that I can expect to nail every session for an entire season.  What I do chose to focus on and get the most amount of confidence in is the consistency of my training.  The more consistent I am, the better I feel about myself and the more optimistic I am about achieving my goals for the season.  For the past few months I have been very consistant with my training and have been reaping the rewards; physically, mentally and emotionally. 

I took the opportunity to visit my brother and his fiance in California this past week.  The goal was to spend as much time with them as possible since I only see them a couple times a year. I knew that my normal training schedule was going to be thrown to the curb side so I would treat the week as a recovery week.  I did however plan to get some runni…