Standard Protocal

As keeping with standard protocol I once again have managed to hurt myself right before the race season. Long story short I was on my bike then, in a pothole then, on my shoulder.

If this was my first incident resulting in injury I would be freaking out, probably crying, super angry and not a pleasant person to be around. Thankfully (for everyone) this isn't my first rodeo.

I'm aware of the extent of my new injury and the time it will take to heal. Thankfully my legs are good to go so I will be back pedaling, running and swimming (in that order) sooner than later.

Any athlete or active person cannot stand being immobilized in any fashion. All we can think about is what we can't do when what we really should be thinking about is what we can do.

Triathletes are a special breed of person and if you are one or know one than you are very aware of how their life revolves around the sport. The energy they put into triathlon is admirable and at times insane. As triathletes it's vitally important to remember that the energy focused on sport means other areas are neglected; work, family, friends, partying, etc. Being on the mend means that I have more time to devote to these things. In my case it means spending more quality time with my wife. It's important for triathletes to remember that there must be balance in life and that the energies and passion devoted to sport and fitness must be spread out and at times diverted towards the ones we love that make our successes possible.

Meliss had mentioned last weekend that she wanted to do something physical with me during the week ( get your mind out of the gutter!) So right when I came home from work I told her to throw on her sneakers because we are going on a hike. We spent a lovely afternoon/evening along the trails in Sunken Meadow Park.

On my way home from work today I remembered she had wanting to see the movie, OZ. We made our best attempt to see the movie but the times were off, instead we drove around looking at potential homes ( something we both really enjoy doing).

To all new triathletes falling in love with the sport as well as the veterans remember, BALANCE is a key to success in this sport.


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