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Back at it

I have sat down numerous times to start a series of blogs chronicling my training and racing this season but walked away from a blank screen every time.
Today is a new day and I have the goal and current motivation to provide a monthly account of my training and racing up to and including my focal race of the year, Patriot Half, on June 19th.
I should start with a brief explanation for my hiatus from triathlon. First I had to figure out then lay down a foundation of being a dad. I created standards, goals, expectations, objectives, the Do's and Dont's of how I wanted to be a dad for Noah. This took most of my attention from sport and rightly so. Matter of fact becoming a dad put sport into a different perspective for me. Then there was a lack of excitement for racing. There wasn't a race that was available to me that stoked my fire. There is no point in putting in the training if your aren't excited to race. Finally I wanted to run really long distances. I set out to …