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Back at it: Chapter 6: Patriot Half Race Report

The 2017 Patriot Half triathlon was to be my curtain call for long course racing. I had envisioned, rehearsed and trained for a perfect race. This perfect race would have a fantasy ending in which I would leave my shoes on the mat like wrestlers do after their final match. I crossed the finish line on Saturday with a smile on my face, a heart on my chest and my shoes on the mat.Unfortunately it was not a perfect race yet, I’m at peace.
As race day approached I knew I had put in the training to become as fit as possible however the levels I achieved would not allow me to reach my goals.I could have easily altered my goals and made them more realistic but where is the fun in that? If this was going to be my last long course race then I was going to have to maximize my fitness and to take chances throughout the race.
The weather on race morning was 70 degrees, 100% humidity, overcast and drizzling and would remain that way until about noon.
I was very confident going into the swim and w…