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Back at it: Chapter 3

February started off very slow. First 10 days I was dealing with a stomach virus which wiped me out, stole some fitness and a bit of my confidence. It then took another week to get my training back on track. February has been my least consistent month of training.
I was able to make another breakthrough in the pool and attribute that to the increase in volume. I haven't been as concerned with top end speed as I have been with developing my endurance. I have started to feel like a diesel train as my endurance has been increasing. I have also started to sprinkle in some wetsuit swimming (sleeved). This is the first time since I had reconstructive shoulder surgery that I have had the confidence to swim with one.  I will be the first to admit I was giving away speed with a sleeveless suit but not any more! 
I have stretched out my long rides in order to build a bigger engine. I'm finally comfortable and feel like one with my new set up. Since the purchase of the new rig it has ha…