Back at it: Chapter 3

February started off very slow. First 10 days I was dealing with a stomach virus which wiped me out, stole some fitness and a bit of my confidence. It then took another week to get my training back on track. February has been my least consistent month of training.

I was able to make another breakthrough in the pool and attribute that to the increase in volume. I haven't been as concerned with top end speed as I have been with developing my endurance. I have started to feel like a diesel train as my endurance has been increasing. I have also started to sprinkle in some wetsuit swimming (sleeved). This is the first time since I had reconstructive shoulder surgery that I have had the confidence to swim with one.  I will be the first to admit I was giving away speed with a sleeveless suit but not any more! 

I have stretched out my long rides in order to build a bigger engine. I'm finally comfortable and feel like one with my new set up. Since the purchase of the new rig it has has been on the trainer and has seen 0 miles on the open road and I plan to keep it that way until late April or early May.  I love putting in the work through the winter and reaping the rewards come Spring. Not very many people enjoy riding the trainer but as for me, I can't get enough.

Despite a slow start to February my body has been adapting to the new speed work and long runs quite nicely. As the days tick away I will continue to focus on developing speed. If I want 4:45 I'm going to earn it on the run.

Prior to the GLIRC 25k i dealt with a stomach virus as mentioned above. Being sick for the 10 days leading up to the event had me debating on weather or not to partake.  After taking a look at my training plan I figured Id give it a shot. 

The day off the race was beyond freezing. I believe the temperature was 15 degrees with an even lovelier windchill. I met up with a friend and we decided that we would negative split each 5k. I'm proud to say we nailed the pacing and even more excited how strong i felt at the end. I confidently could have banged out another 5k.

Totally off topic but I have written endless blogs and I don't find the same enjoyment in writing them anymore. I'm going to start exploring making videos and creating vlogs.


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