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Life of an Age Grouper: Official

Life of An Age Grouper was the chosen title for my blog because I thought it accurately represented my intended purpose, to chronicle my experiences with triathlon.  I thought it would provide a unique perspective from an average guy navigating through a brand new sporting adventure.
A majority of my blog posts are regarding training or racing with a few interviews sprinkled in. As I re-read through my posts I don't believe they accurately align with my intended vision because they lack any depth into how triathlon impacts my life or vice versa.  I also don't believe that most of my experiences reflect a triathlete with an average life.  After all, for many years I was single, living in an apartment with no real obligations or commitments. I could essentially train 24/7 without impacting any aspect of my life.   Then I became engaged and soon after married. Married life had little impact on my training do in part to Meliss allowing me to pursue my passions. Marriage was follo…