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Daddy Experiment 3.0

Six months into being a Dad and I have noticed that things have started to change, mainly my perspective. There is no secret that when I enter a race I have clear-cut goals, expectations and intend on competing with the athletes I’m surrounded by. With each passing year the goals, expectations and competition become more difficult yet, I’m always excited and motivated to pursue them.
The goals for this season were to finish top 10 in each race I entered. I started off strong as I threw my hat into the ring of bike racing. However, an unexpected health issue, the demands of fatherhood and being husband has suspended these goals until further notice. I simply have not put in the necessary training needed to achieve my goals.
It took me nearly the entire month of August to come to terms that this triathlon season was over which was very mentally taxing.This time off and away from sport did allow for a great deal of reflection and growth.My perspective on training and racing has changed. I…