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Harriman Olympic - Race Report

Date: 5/18/13
Race: Harryman Olympic
Location: Harriman State Park, NY

The Harriman Olympic/Half racecourse is challenging. To start the water is pretty cold, usually around 55 degrees. The bike course is anything but flat which makes it difficult to get into a rhythm. The run course is just as hilly and presents the same problems. On top of all that there is limited fan support and the field is very small which can be mentally daunting. All of these negatives are exactly why I love this race. This race truly tests your athletic abilities.

One unique feature about the Harriman Race is that it is self-racking. I actually like self-racking, being able to set up my transition where I desire has its advantages. The down side to self-racking is that if you don't get to transition early enough you’re forced into a less desirable rack. Today’s first objective, rack my bike right next to the main drag out of transition. Objective number two; get a rack that is equidistance from…