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The Daddy Experiment 1.0

Just over 3 months into this experiment of balancing being a new Dad while attempting to chase my athletic dreams and it has been trying..

The first month of being a Dad, training wasn't even a thought in my head.  Any urge to train was simply the result of habit and routine. I would redefine my "training" as sporadic exercise in a lucid state of mind. I would strongly suggest to any other new dad that is Type- A and possessing athletic aspirations to utilize the due date of your child as an "A-race". In other words,  build your fitness into this date as you would for your focal race. By doing so you can be mentally at ease with not training during that first month and make yourself believe it is a recovery block (trust me, you will feel like you just finished an Iron man). In addition go through your training logs and reflect upon your progress. This should provide you with comfort and a tranquilizer to put down down any training anxiety.
The second month was …