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I need a test

Six months of training is almost complete. I have endured freezing, body numbing bike rides, pitch dark, head lamp wearing runs, 4:00am swim sessions, mind numbing time on the trainer and treadmill and sleep deprivation all for what? To get to where I am today.

With all the time and sacrifice put into training for this season I can say confidently that I'm getting into the best shape of my life. I have come out on top of almost every physical test that was thrown at me. Ive made improvements physically, mentally, and emotionally and have become a better person because of it. However where do I stand compared to everyone else? Have I made the necessary gains to better my competition? It's hard for me to say since I have only raced myself or should I say the clock? I'm starting to think that I need a true test, a race, to use as a litmus test. Thankfully I have my first race in a month or else I would be trying to race people in the pool, treadmill or road.

This feel…

Suffer Now, Celebrate Later

As a teacher I have the luxury of long breaks from work.  As a triathlete I can't imagine there being a better job, other than being a professional triathlete of course.  I can't tell you how much I look forward to these breaks because they present me with an opportunity to act like a professional triathlete.  My only concerns during breaks are to eat, sleep and breath triathlon or at least until 4:45 when my wife gets home from work.  The Spring break that just concluded was 10 days long and I wasted no time jumping into my training.

Leading up to the break Matt put together one hell of a "staycation" training camp. Each session was new in every sense of the word whether it be a longer distance, longer duration, greater intensity, unique format etc.  I looked forward to every session and to see how I would respond to the new, unique, physical and mental shocks to my body.  Despite having been disappointed about my two prior training sessions before this camp I can p…

Things are starting to change

I'm sure that everyone has been stoked on this weather, I certainly am.  This very short Winter has been welcomed and has provided ample opportunity for everyone to get outside earlier than usual.  I have even rode in shorts a few times although I still wear booties since my feet have the worst circulation ever.  As you start to ride and run outside please remember basic safety protocols.  Cars haven't seen you in awhile so make sure to take caution, wear bright clothes, rock your Road ID and always assume drivers don't see you.  Also make sure that your bike is in good working condition. Swing by your LBS (local bike shop) to have it tuned and given the once over.  If you ride as much or more than I did outside this winter than you know that your bike is an absolute mess.  Make sure you give it some TLC otherwise you might have to deal with the consequences.

On a personal note my legs are becoming stronger.  This has been most evident on bike rides that have involved clim…

0 for 2

Yesterday was the first big training session of my "stay-cation training camp". This session was planned for weeks in advance. It included a 56 mile bike, at race pace, followed by a 6 mile run, slightly below race pace. What made this long brick workout special was the fact that it was to be done on the Harriman racecourse.

I spent the days leading up to the race planning and preparing. Was my bike in proper working order? Did I have my race kit? What would I use for nutrition and how would I carry it? How hard could I go on the bike and still have a very strong run? I better not mess this one up like I did the last big triple brick I had!

Matt and I made it to the park by 9:00 and had our kickstands up by 9:30. We briefly discussed my wattage and the race course before we embarked on this highly anticipated smashfest.

The first loop of the course I really payed attention to the lay of the land. I wanted to be able to push harder and intelligently take advantage of the…