Suffer Now, Celebrate Later

As a teacher I have the luxury of long breaks from work.  As a triathlete I can't imagine there being a better job, other than being a professional triathlete of course.  I can't tell you how much I look forward to these breaks because they present me with an opportunity to act like a professional triathlete.  My only concerns during breaks are to eat, sleep and breath triathlon or at least until 4:45 when my wife gets home from work.  The Spring break that just concluded was 10 days long and I wasted no time jumping into my training.

Leading up to the break Matt put together one hell of a "staycation" training camp. Each session was new in every sense of the word whether it be a longer distance, longer duration, greater intensity, unique format etc.  I looked forward to every session and to see how I would respond to the new, unique, physical and mental shocks to my body.  Despite having been disappointed about my two prior training sessions before this camp I can proudly and confidently say that my recent efforts have eclipsed those disappointments.

I saw a very interesting quote on Facebook of all places today.  It said something along the line of, "That one hour you spent in the gym was important but the key to seeing results is how you spend the other 23." This quote is so true and relevant.  It doesn't matter how hard I worked during each session of my staycation because if I followed it up with counter productive activities then my efforts would have been for not.  It's important to understand that during the actual training is where one breaks down their muscles and stresses their cardiovascular system.  It is after said training, during recovery, that one's body has the ability to absorb the training and truly become stronger, healthier, more efficient etc.

For the past two days I have realized just how much I have taxed my body because I'm physically spent.  In addition, my appetite has skyrocketed (I obviously need the calories to replenish the nutrients lost and to feed my muscles) I have also been falling asleep on the train ride home for the past two days which I usually never do.  And finally the last couple of recovery sessions I can feel the lack of energy and excitement in my muscles.   I'm sure as hell going to take full advantage of this low volume, recovery week so that I can continue to make strides towards reaching my goals.

Just over a month until the first 70.3 of the year! SUFFERNOWCELEBRATELATER


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