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Go Fast

So here is the deal. As soon as one becomes hooked to the sport of triathlon there is one question that an athlete will invariably ask, "how can I go faster?". Everyone that becomes entrenched in this triathlon culture seeks out ways to improve upon their previous times. Evidence of this can found in any forum you visit when the following question is asked, "if I buy this $10,000 bike how many minutes will it take off my time?" This question is immediately followed by a slew of sarcastic answers. Ladies and gentlemen a $10g bike or a $5g set of race wheels, the most minimalist sneaker or $1000 wetsuit is not going to make you markedly faster. If you want to become faster take your money elsewhere. The overwhelming consensus is that if you want to become faster the best place to invest your money is in a coach. And I, like every other triathlete has the desire to become faster and as such I have picked up a coach.

I selected my coach based off of friends recommend…

A new beginning

I have attempted to start a blog several times over the past few years with limited success. Each attempt ended with frustration. I became frustrated because I wanted more creativity than the host allowed or frustrated because it took too much time or conversely, I didn't have enough to devote to a high quality blog. Now after reflecting on my failures my objective is to consistently maintain a blog of my life as an age-group triathlete.

The 2010-2011 triathlon season started off just as I had hoped. I was reaping the rewards of hard training. I placed high enough in a few early season races to qualify for the Age Group National Championships in Burlington, Vermont. More importantly I was able to compete with my Dad in yet another Sprint distance race (he finished 4th, missed third by 2 minutes).

The middle part of my season would be my downfall. Every athlete, especially endurance athletes, realize the significance of rest. I thought the amount of rest I was alotting
myself …