A new beginning

I have attempted to start a blog several times over the past few years with limited success. Each attempt ended with frustration. I became frustrated because I wanted more creativity than the host allowed or frustrated because it took too much time or conversely, I didn't have enough to devote to a high quality blog. Now after reflecting on my failures my objective is to consistently maintain a blog of my life as an age-group triathlete.

The 2010-2011 triathlon season started off just as I had hoped. I was reaping the rewards of hard training. I placed high enough in a few early season races to qualify for the Age Group National Championships in Burlington, Vermont. More importantly I was able to compete with my Dad in yet another Sprint distance race (he finished 4th, missed third by 2 minutes).

The middle part of my season would be my downfall. Every athlete, especially endurance athletes, realize the significance of rest. I thought the amount of rest I was alotting
myself was sufficient for the amount of energy I was expelling during my workouts. I was sorely
mistaken. My body completely shut down and as a result I was reduced to a spectator and sideline fan for the remainder of the season. In an effort to make sure this doesn't happen again I have sought out a coach to guide me along the way and to monitor my progress. Luckily for me there is a local organization called D1 Multisport that offers triathlon/endurance sport coaching. I start my 2011-2012 season November first with a fresh body and a D1 Multisport coach, Matt W. Make no mistake about, this season I will be killing it!


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