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Finding My Ultra 1.2

Finding my ultra 1.2

Today's Organic Endurance Group Trail Run was another opportunity to find my ultra.  We created a 3.5 mile loop through the West Hills' trails.  Here is what I learned from today's run.
1. Clothing choice is pivotal.  The temperatures were in the single digits with a negative windchill factor so there was no other choice but to bundle up.  I wore 4 layers up top; starting with a thin Under Armour long sleeve, followed by a long sleeve shirt with a mesh back for breath ability then, a short sleeve shirt and finally another long sleeve with a breathable back, and a cycling jacket. On my feet I wore two pairs of socks; one thin pair and then a thick skiing type sock.  While I was warm for the entire 3:30 hours I was out there, I sweated through everything.  The arms of my jacket were soaked and the mesh around the toe box of my shoes were definitely wet.  
Sweating through so many layers is definitely a concern of mine.  I need to work on my layering to f…