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Vineman 70.3 Race Report

Race: Vineman 70.3
Location: Santa Rosa, California
Weather: 83 and sunny

This time last year I had just started my medication and couldn't bring myself to venture down and spectate the race even though I had a very good friend racing it. This year however was a different story. I'm back and expecting to kick ass. The only way this race is going to be deemed a success is for to PR, failure or a sub par performance is not an option.

Pre Race calories: 250 (PB&J, 20oz smoothie)

It's amazing what one can do in the water with a "fully functioning" shoulder. I have been extremely patient waiting for my shoulder to heal so that I can finally race the swim. Finally, after months of holding the reigns tight it was time to let them go.

With intentions to race the swim a solid warm up was vital. Being in the last swim wave (don't even get me started on this) at 8:36 allowed for plenty of warm-up. With the morning air temperature in the low 60's, the w…