Back at it: Chapter 2

February is here and it is time to check-in with how things are going.

4:45. :31 swim. 2:25 bike. 1:40 run. Simple math.

These goals are achievable if everything falls into place.  What at first started off as daunting task has now become a motivating journey.

What made it daunting was knowing what needed to be done to achieve those goals.

What makes it a motivating journey is knowing what needs to be done to achieve these goals.

Initially I was a bit overwhelmed by the work I had to put in but my mindset quickly shifted.  This was a result in embracing the work,  enjoying the process and letting the results come.

I left off the last entry stating that my training focus would be pedaling my bike.  Well, that is what I have done and after my FTP Test this morning the results are encouraging.  There is still work to be done but progress has been made and my hunger is growing.

My training now needs to shift slightly from pedaling to running.  The time has come where I need to incorporate speed/tempo work. I feel confident that my running base will be able to support the increased stress of speed/tempo work.  There is no doubt that triathlon is a running race and it doesn't matter what your bike split is if you can't run off the bike.

Last night I capped off a solid week of swimming. There is no mystery when it comes to my swimming ability.  I must be in the water consistently.  In order to feel confident going into the Patriot Half I need to be in the water at least three times per week. Going forward with my training I need to maintain the consistency and began to build the needed endurance.

I will be running the Caumsett 25k the first weekend in March and look forward to stretching my legs a bit and taking in race morning.

Be back in a month.


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