2013 Race Schedule

I have a created the first half of my race schedule under the assumption that I will be able to swim. The true extent of the damage done to my shoulder will be glaringly obvious once I attempt to swim.

Without further delay these are my confirmed races for 2013;

Harryman Olympic - May 18th – Harriman State Park, New York
Last year I raced the Half distance and had a horrible time. I wouldn't say my time was a direct result of the difficult course rather the explosion of babesiosis during the race. I’ve developed a true appreciation and respect for the Harryman course . This race offers an authentic test of one’s fitness at the beginning of the season. My reason for participating in the Olympic distance rather than the Half is because my shoulder is still a huge question mark.

Rev 3 Quassy Half -June 2nd - Middlebury, Connecticut
I have not heard one negative thing about this company and race. All of my friends have had rave reviews about it and always tell me, “you have to do it.” This year I decided to take the plunge. This will be my first half of the year and while it is certainly a popular race it will not be my “A” race. I will obviously be racing as hard as I can but I do not expect to be in the best shape. I will be using this race as a test and tune up for my first focal race of the year, Vineman 70.3.

Vineman 70.3 - July 14th – Windsor, California
This is my “A” race for the first half of the year. This is what all of my training will be based around and I will be in peak form when I toe the line. Simply put, I will bury myself at this race.

Plans for the second part of the year:
I certainly plan on racing through the fall and have a few races in mind. I'm pretty sure that I will be signing up for Toughman in Westchester NY in September. This race is more than 2 months after Vineman which will allow plenty of time for recovery and a solid build.

More than likely Toughman would be my final long course race of the year. With last season being cut short combined with my enjoyment from racing I do plan on racing a couple of short course events. Any short course race I do will be local.

Besides triathlon races I do have intentions on racing an Xterra. I will also participate in some century length rides and hopefully a couple of bike races.

Racing is a great time but so is volunteering and supporting your friends. I plan on attending as many races as possible to support my friends, fellow athletes and the sport I love.


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