I'm Hungry

I'm back and I'm HUNGRY!

I have just completed a solid month of training and I'm feeling great.  It wasn't until the last week or so that I have developed a hunger and a focused purpose to my training.  The first few weeks were slightly frustrating coming to terms with how much fitness I had lost while dealing with babsiosis.  However this past week I have started to feel my fitness and endurance levels taking small steps forward.  I'm very eager to conquer another month of training and I anticipate large gains in my fitness and endurance.  It was truly awesome to observe the level of conditioning I reached working with Matt of Organic Endurance while unknowingly couping with babsiosis. I can't wait to witness the potential of my conditioning while healthy.

I have pulled out of all my focal races this season, Vineman70.3 and Timberman 70.3, due to obvious reasons but there was no way I was going to let this season end without a race.  I worked with Matt to pick out a race that would allow me enough time to properly prepare.  The two possibilities were; Beach to Battleship 70.3 and Miamiman 70.3.  B2B is October 20th and Miamiman is November 10th.  Both races have great reputations and offer unique race experiences.  I have chosen to race Miamiman in November because of its later date.  I really want to be in outstanding condition when I toe the line.  Obviously Matt and I have already started to research the details of the racecourse to ensure that I'm properly prepared for raceday.  With a month of encouraging and motivating training underneath my belt, a race in my cross hairs and more than 2 more months of training, this season still has huge potential. I'm hungry. I'm focused. I'm determined.

In the ongoing pursuit of becoming the best 70.3 triathlete I can be, as of this morning, I have officially become a certified personal trainer.  There is no doubt that a better understanding of human physiology will pay dividends while executing and understanding my training regime.  My next goal is to become a USAT certified triathlon coach.  The pursuit of a triathlon specific certification, continued coaching and mentoring by Matt, communicating with my peers and constant personal reflection will undoubtedly make me a stronger triathlete.


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