Starky hate?

Andrew Starky.
"Starky" has been an athlete I have enjoyed watching race and follow. He is not your prototypical pro triathlete; he is 180lbs in top form, he lives and trains in the mid west, Chicago I believe, all year round, he doesn't have a race kit littered with sponsors and endorsements (although I suspect he would enjoy the financial backing), he doesn't hide his strengths and isn't afraid to talk about his game plan.  His game plan is probably the number one reason why I'm a fan.  He goes hard, as hard as he can, from start to finish and he doesn't care if he blows up in the process.  He is quoted as saying that he has the "thinnest playbook" in professional triathlon, swim as hard as a he can, bike as hard as he can, then hold on for the run.  This game plan never changes, everyone knows about it yet he still wins.  It probably helps that he is a top swimmer and arguably the strongest cyclist in the sport( "Mr. 402"). If you don't believe me just check out the World Records.  The entire point of talking about Starky is that for all his incredible feats as an athlete including being the first American to go under 8:00hrs in an Ironman, people still give him shit!  Here is a guy that tells everyone what he is going to do at a race and does it, every time.  That sounds like a true and pure athlete to me which is difficult to find in today's EPO crazed athletic world. The haters are ever present on a super popular website,  I can't for the life of me understand why people hate on this guy and his results?  They hate on his bike splits, they hate on his all out effort on the bike, they hate when he sets course records, American records, world records and then they hate on his run splits.  Starky even hates on his run splits.  He admits with honesty that he is not a strong runner and that a "gorilla will never run like a gazelle".  So why the hate?  Why not support the fastest American in the sport of long course triathlon? Now I know Slowtwitch is a public forum and users can voice their opinion but damn, weekend warriors and age group athletes, and cyber know-it-alls need to keep their ignorant opinions to themselves.  I bet if it was Slowtwitch's beloved Rappstar instead of Starky the comments would be completely opposite.  Stop hating and start supporting American athletes.  American triathletes have been missing from the forefront of triathlon for a long time and its about time they make their presence felt.


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