Ready Set Go

This week was a big week for me.  My 2012 season has officially started and I have hit the ground running.  To start with I have almost finished my first week of being coached.  My first five training sessions have been successful.  A lot of my sessions have been "base" training which isn't extremely exciting.  I spend most of my time in Z1 and Z2 so my efforts have not been Herculain.  However, Im cognizant of the importance of building a strong base because a single crack in the foundation and the house could come tumbling down. The Hulk inside of me says, "Hammer it" while the Buddha inside of me says, "CHILL, be aware of every step and every breath, be in the now. The Hulk vs Buddha, right now Buddha is winning and Im glad he is.

Entry into 2012 Vineman 70.3 - CONFIRMED.  I could not be more excited for this race.  First, I am returing to Napa Valley, California which could quite possibly be the best place on earth.  Secondly, I will be racing with a long time friend of mine who lives in California.  Third, it will be the first time my brother will see me race or experience a triathlon.  Finally, it will be my second 70.3 distance race.  This race actually sold out in 3 hours so if you ever plan on entering this race you need to be on point and with some quality internet connection.

For the past 2 years I have gone back and forth on purchasing a road bike or a mountain bike.  I think I have finally made up  my mind . . . mountain bike it is.  I knew I wanted a break from my tri bike and riding in such an agressive position.  I also wanted a change of scenery and to improve as a cyclist and a mountain bike will satsify both needs.  I have started to do my research and will be chatting with some friends to find out the ins and outs with mountain bikes.  The next step after the research and testing would be to ask my wife if I could stick another bike in our apartment!  I kind of already know what the answer will be so looks like I might be looking into a storage unit.


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