Test Results (run)

Test number 2 is now complete and I'm feeling great.  I had a very successful race, I followed the game plan and reached my pre established goals.  The last time I ran a race was one year ago today so, I was a little nervous and I definitely had some welcomed butterflies.  The weather was perfect for running and I was feeling fresh. The game plan for this test was to warm up on the first two miles and then "do work" on the last three.  I made sure to have a solid warm up and when mile two ended I went to work.

               Split       Speed        HR      Cadence
Mile 1:  9:09.94  6.5 mph   156bpm    93rpm
Mile 2:  8:33.51  7.0 mph   172bpm    94rpm
Mile 3:  7:50.46  7.7 mph   180bpm    96rpm
Mile 4:  7:35.13  7.9 mph   186bpm    95 rpm
Mile 5:  7:01.38  8.5 mph   191bpm    94 rpm

I am definitely not the strongest runner and don't really consider myself a runner, yet, but I am happy with my results.  I was very impressed with my last mile.  Hopefully Matt will be changing my HR zones and pacing because "running" in my current Z1 and Z2 is painfully slow (I could probably walk faster at times).

Triathlon is a sport of sacrifice and to run this race I had to make my first sacrifice of the year.  For the past 7 years my friends have had a Thanksgiving Eve Party and these parties are kick ass.  In order to run this race and to pursue my goals of triathlon I had to pass on this party.  Yes, there will always be other parties but, its hard to mess with tradition and not partake in the festive atmosphere and indulge in my favorite drink, Goose on the rocks.  DAMN!


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