Test Results (swim)

Prior to my swim test last night:

 "Tonight is not about hammering. Tonight is about strong swimming with good technique. We can't really say it's about going fast because we don't know what fast is yet. Give a good performance and try to get the most out of your body" -Matt 

I couldn't agree with him more.  I know I previously wrote about hammering  but, Matt is 100% correct.  I had to swim the test with a strong effort and with the best technique I possess.  I for one know that form, my form especially, breaks down when I get tired or rushed.

With that being said I was satisfied with my swim test.  I obviously went out way too fast on the first 100yds but quickly settled in and got into a rythim. After the 1000 yds I was definitely breathing hard yet wasn't gasping for air. I had completed the test with consistent form and a constantly strong effort.  Could I have gone a few seconds faster for each split? Sure. Would those few seconds of increased effort hurt me in the long run? Probably.  I believe the expression is, you can't win a triathlon with the swim but you certainly can lose it.

Here are my 100yds splits;
1. 1:29.48
2. 1:37.08
3. 1:37.63
4. 1:36.63
5. 1:37.99
6. 1:37.32
7. 1:38.73
8. 1:38.36
9. 1:37.32
10. 1:36.42

After the test I did 10x50 at test pace with 15 sec rest.  I continued to feel strong for these and could have swam them faster however the program called for me to swim them at the test pace. 

I'm not sure that I will ever perfect swimming but I do know that each aspect of my stroke that I work on, no matter how minute, will make me a faster and more efficient swimmer.  For instance last night during the 50's I really focused in on extending my triceps to create a fuller more efficient stroke.  I ended up taking nearly 1.5 seconds off my 50's without increasing my turnover, kick or effort level.  It is absolutely amazing how such a small movement can be so beneficial.

The greatest reward for my swim last night will be sitting down with Matt to critique my splits and to develop a plan going forward. After this week's test Matt said the real fun begins and I can't wait.


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