Week in Review

Finished my first week as a D1 Multisport athlete and it feels good!  My weeks work totaled about 6.5 hrs and was made up of a few runs, a couple of swims and a couple of bikes.  I have to say that I have enjoyed the pool session the most.  Matt has given me some fun drills to work on my mechanics and technique and they are already paying off.  Drills have ranged from body rotation, to breathing to stroke form.  He said I'll be a different swimmer by the New Year and I can definitely see that happening.  Can't wait to get my hands on next week's schedule.

I headed down to the local bike shop and spoke to a few friends about mountain bikes.  I feel more informed about mountain bikes now I just have to see if I have the funds for one.  It looks like the type of mountain bike I want is going to cost a bit of money.  I mean obviously I need a full suspension bike, with quality components and hydraulic brakes, ha.  I'm not sure if this is going to happen now but I'm going to see how much I can save.

I also ordered a new pair of running sneakers.  I have worn the same pair for years except for a quick stint with Newtons.  The Asics DS Trainer 16's in red are being shipped as we speak.  It's about time that Asics made a bright colored shoe.  Every version of the trainer has been white with subtle hints of color but now the 16's are fire engine red and I can't wait to lace them up.

Today was the NYC Marathon and once again I made my way to Brooklyn to watch.  Once again I had a bunch of friends run and was able to see a few at the mile 7 marker.  Despite the motivational and inspirational power of the Marathon I continue to not have a single urge to run one.  It does seem weird that I love to do 70.3 races yet have no desire to do 26.3.  Maybe in time my mind will change but for now, NO MARATHON.

My allegiance lies with Sugoi.  Their clothing fits me perfectly and their products are durable, comfortable and not super expensive.  These were my feelings until I tried their Piston Compression Tight.  I initially bought one pair with confidence however after a few wears the seams started to come apart.  Apparently their seems are held to held together by thread and once that thread begins to unravel you can kiss your tights good by.  I sadly purchased another pair of Sugoi Piston tights with the idea that my initial pair was a fluke, they weren't.  As a result I jumped on the 2XU Compression bandwagon and . . . I freaking love them.  I bought the Men's Elite Compression Tight and couldn't be happier.  The fit is spot on, they don't feel cheap and best of all I wore them on a run last week and there was no chafing of any kind.  I still will purchase Sugoi products, just not compression tights.

I also just ordered a headlamp for running because of Daylight Savings.  Soon enough it will be getting dark a 4:00 and since I don't get home from work until 4:45 . . . I will have a review of the lamp after a few uses.

Side note: instead of ordering a new foot pod just buy a new battery. $50.00 vs. $5.00 = NO BRAINER


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