Interview with Melissa Matsui

There are more people invovled with triathlon than just the athlete racing.  With so many people involved in the sport there is bound to be different perspectives on it and I plan on providing you with several different persepctives on the sport I love.  The first person I thought to interview was my wife because without her I wouldn't be able to pursue my triathlon goals. Here is my interview with  Melissa:

(NM) "Alright Babe,  I don’t believe I'm mistaken when I say that before you met me you probably had no idea about triathlon? With that being said how many years now have you been associated with triathlon?"

(M) "I would say about three and half"

(NM) "Since you are not a triathlete I figured you could offer an interesting perspective on the sport.  In your opinion what is the most interesting, enjoyable,  or amusing aspect of triathlon?"

(M) "Watching you cross the finsih line and seeing the happiness and excitement in your heart and eyes."

(NM) "Is there one specific moment that you can’t seem to get out of your head?"

(M) "Watching your cross the finishline with your Dad."

(NM) "You have now attended a handful of races and have become a veteran spectator so I was wondering if you could offer some advice for significant others, family members and friends that are planning on attending their first triathlon?"

(MM) " Brign a camera and a chair."

(NM) "Why would you need a chair?"

(M) "Because while your swimming, biking and running there isn't much for you to do as a spectator so you want to have chair to sit in and relax. And have a cerma ready for when you hit transition to get your shots."

(NM) "What advice would you give someone that is considering getting into a relationship with someone that is involved in the sport?"

(M) "(laugh), I would say to be supportive and to also have some boundaries?"

(NM) "Like what?"

(M) " like . . .  if you are in serious relationship triathlon cannot be the number one priority, it should be second. (laugh)"

(NM)  "How many bikes should be in the bedroom at one time?"

(M) "No bikes in the bedroom!"

(NM) So the next six words I say to you will be word association. Im just going to say a word and whatever pops into your head I just want you to say"

(NM) "Kona"

(M) "Hawaii"

(NM) "Transition"

(M) "Pictures and cheering"

(NM) "Chrissie Wellington"

(M) "Winner of Kona every year"

(NM) "70.3"

(M) "Your goal"

(NM) "NICE!"

(NM) "Sunrise Tri"

(M) "Team"

(NM) "Compresion"

(M) "Spandex"

(NM) "So, July 2012 will be your second trip to Napa Valley and first time participating in Vineman 70.3.  What are your plans leading up to the race, race week itself and then recovery?"

(M)"Leading up would be supporitng you in all the training you are doing to reach your goals. During the week I will be cheering and drinking a lot of wine and after I will be celebrating with you on your victory."

(NM) "After listening to me babble about triathlon for the past few years you have picked up a lot of lingo and a solid understanding of the sport so what advice could you give a first time triathlete in terms of training, racing and loved ones?"

(M) "Dont train too hard, enjoy the race and don't become obessed." 


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