Setting it in Motion

I meet with Matt to go over my test results and to talk about the upcoming season.  I was expecting/hopoing that we would be able to extract more information from the data and charts so that I can immediately make changes to whatever I needed to, this wasn't the case.  Being that they were my first test results, baseline numbers, a floor was established.  Matt and I now have something to base my efforts off of and in another 4-6 weeks after another round of testing we should really be able to extract relevant information.  Matt was happy though with my run and bike cadence which is somethig that I have worked on improving.  Since the testing Matt has definitely changed my weekly workouts.  They have become noticebly more detailed/specific.  Instead of running in a general HR Zone Im now running in a more targeted range based on heart beats.  As a result im actually running.  In terms of swimming im shooting for specific splits rather than for perceived effort which I feel is resulting in a higher quality and more efficient swim sessions.  My bike sessions are now targeted on watts.  These very specific zones, splits, and watts are very reassuring that my efforts are very focused, efficient and high quality.  The changes in workouts are reassuring that we are moving ahead with training and towards reaching my goals for this up coming season.

Before our laid back meeting came to an end, 2.5 hours later, we had talked about a range of topics and I learned a lot. I wish I had a pen to write some of his ideas down so I could refer back to them in the future. We also had a very intersting discussion on our ideas, expectations, philosophies, goals, etc for a team.  It was pretty cool to see that we had a lot of similar ideas and opinions which further confirms my convictions that I have chosen the correct coach.  I will write another entry containing a more detailed version of Team shortly.  As for now I look forward to creating an even stronger relationship with Matt in terms of coach/athlete and friends.

Big things are going to happen this season and this is just the start.


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