Bike Test #2 - Results

Going into this morning's bike test I was riding the wave of confidence from my run test.  As I approached Hecksher Park I kept checking out the trees to see how bad the wind was going to be.  There is always wind at Hecksher so its important to adapt your riding and mindset accordingly.  As I pulled into field 5 and began to put everything together I was shocked about how little wind there was.  This could be the making of a fast TT time.

I started my warm up and started to get passed by multiple cars.  What the hell was up with that? Hecksher is typically dead during the winter months and within a matter of a minute I was passed by at least 5 cars. No sooner then these cars passed me then I saw a road block closing off the outer loop (the loop I was suppose to test on).  I couldn't believe, I just drove all the way to Hecksher and now the park was closed off! I spoke with the park security and apparently there was a 5k race but the entire loop would be open to runners and bikers.  My anger level instantly dropped, my enthusiasm continued to roar and I regained my focus.  I felt very good on the warm up for the first 6 minutes and then bam. The Hecksher wind greeted me like a wrecking ball.  Instead of the wind coming off the water it was heading towards the water, weird.  My warm up continued and I made sure to take note of the condition of the pavement, because last test it was a mess, and where the wind was coming from.  I was planning on starting my TT at the entrance to field 5 but I thought that starting after the entrance to the race would be a better start.  During the first loop of my test  I would have to figure out how to get around all those cars turning and parking into the lot as well as all the runners warming up.

My one and only goal for this TT was to have a more balanced effort than last TT.  There is no need for me to hit 300 watts and waster energy if I'm not going to maintain it.

Test #1                                                            Test #2
Avg Watts: 208                                       Average Watts: 215
Avg Cadence: 95                                    Average Cadence: 95
Lap #1 10:43                                           Lap #1 10:37
Lap #2 11:06                                           Lap #2 11:03
Total Time: 21:49                                   Total Time: 21:40

I guess I'm satisfied with the results.  I'm very happy that I didn't touch super high wattage and waste effort and energy.  I would like my cadence to be closer to 100.  My wattage went up a bit and my total time went down which is a positive.  Don't get me wrong, cutting nearly 10 seconds off my time is good, but I still have a long way to go to meet my standards ( I would like to take another 1:40 off my time)

Time to work harder and smarter.

Here is to another block of training with new numbers and data!

Side note: 27 weeks to Vineman and 34 weeks to Timberman.  I also just signed up for the Harriman Half. This season is going to kick nuts.


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