bouncing around my head

There have been a few small things bouncing around in my head that I would like to stop thinking about so here's what they are;

1. Triathlete Magazine: Caitlin Snow was on the cover of Triathlete Magazine this month and I was stoked for her (like I actually know her). She receives little to no attention or media coverage so it's only fitting that she finally gets some praise, or so I thought.  The caption to her cover shot reads something along the lines of, top American female finisher at Kona for the past two years.  With that introduction I figured she would have a few pages of shine,  NOPE! She had one page of B.S. interview.  I could have done a better interview than TM.  How can one of the top US females triathletes get such poor recognition and coverage?

2. Ignite Naturals: After blogging about I.N. I reached out to them and shared my blog.  To my surprise they responded.  They asked if they could link my blog on their Twitter feed and asked for my contact info!  No sooner than agreeing, my blog was on their Twitter feed and I had a message in my inbox.  I exchanged several emails with Taryn at I.N.  Taryn and the people at I.N. are incredible. They actually respond to emails, are excited about their product and the people that use them.  Needless to say I have more I.N. product on the way and will continue to do my part promoting I.N.

3. Bicycle Planet:  Bicycle Planet had their Triathlon launch party/info session this past week. There was a decent showing. I believe there were 7 people with another half dozen not able to make it.  The resident, Triathlon guru, Meaghan, had one major point of the meeting.  This was going to be a TEAM.  Bicycle Planet was putting their weight behind a team not a bunch of individuals wearing the same uniform.  There was plenty of insight provided by those in attendance about what they expected from this team.  I know I will do my part to assist in developing this team.  An interesting and encouraging aspect was that the owner of BP was in attendance and was very approachable and seemed excited for this new extension of BP.

4. With the Holidays in the rear view, all major birthdays celebrated and I'm finished being sick it is time to do work.  I really need to string together several weeks of all work - no play training.  Now is the time to start pushing and breaking down some walls.  To add some fuel to the fire I bet Matt that he couldn't beat me by an hour at the Harriman Half.  He gladly accepted so GAME ON!.  Nothing like a little friendly competition for extra motivation. I'M COMING FOR YOU WONTZ!


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