Run Test #2 - Results

37 degrees, pitch dark, 2 pairs of tights, multiple top layers, balaclava, headlamp, the track, shitty swim messing with my game . . . . sounds like perfect conditions for a 3 mile run test!

Heading to the track I didn't even bother to check Test #1 results because there was no way I was going to come close to that time.  I felt like I hadn't run in forever, that shitty swim from two nights ago was messing with my mental game, needless to say my expectations weren't the highest.  I figured that I should at least have a goal so I picked the number 7:20.  Why did I pick or even think I could average a 7:20 mile? I have no idea.

I looked down at my watch when I was about 3/4's of the way done with my first lap and my watch said 5:40.  5:40? What was that suppose to mean? Was it telling me the time? Had I been running for 5 minutes already?  Did I mess up the settings?  Nope. I was running at a 5:40 pace. SHIT.  Not only did I have a horrible swim but now I just shot my load on the first lap.  Only I could mess up two tests in one week. I wonder how I will mess up my bike test on Sunday?  The game plan specifically said, that each mile should be faster than the last and the last mile should be the fastest and hardest with the last 800 being painful.  I was executing the game plan perfectly.

I attempted to slow down and settle into a rhythm.  I conquered that first mile in 6:47.  I was extremely happy with that time.  But, what were my next two miles going to look like?  For the next two miles I settled into a good rhythm.  I was strictly paying attention to my breathing and RPE (rate of perceived exertion)  Anytime my breathing became extremely labored I would back off a touch, take a second to recover, then push it back up to the limit again.  My next two miles were nearly identical.  7:20 and 7:22.

These miles splits are nothing out of the ordinary and probably pretty pedestrian in comparison to other runners but, I'm not a runner.  I have never and will never call myself a runner.  I'd call myself a swimmer before a runner.  I may not have a strength in triathlon but Im aware of my weakness, running.  Despite running being my weakness I do get the most satisfaction out of running and completing the distance.  Maybe someday with some more hard work, and a lot of help from Matt I could resemble a runner.  Until then I will settle with my PR tonight!!!! OHHH YEAAAAH

Test #1                                           Test #2
Mile 1: 7:50                                   Mile 1: 6:47
Mile 2: 7:35                                   Mile 2: 7:20
Mile 3: 7:01                                   Mile 3: 7:22
Total Time: 22:26                         Total Time: 21:29
Avg Pace: 7:42                              Avg Pace: 7:09

Bike Test #2 is Sunday . . .


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