2012 Race Schedule

The following are confirmed races for the 2012 race season.  I will certainly be backfilling my schedule with some races as the season draws closer.

May 19th - Harriman 70.3
June 3rd - Great Southbay with Dad
July 12 - Vineman 70.3
August 7th - Smithpoint with dad
August 21 - Timberman 70.3

This is a very short list of races however I have extremely lofty goals for all of them.  The two races that have all my attention are Vineman 70.3 and Timberman 70.3. You could call these "A" races or simply races that I plan to hold nothing back on.  

The two races with my Dad are going to be great.  Last year he missed out on GSB do to a serious head cold.  Smithpoint will be new to both of us.  Both courses are flat and should be a lot of fun.

The following are races that I would like to add to my schedule;

1. Century ride with my Dad (both of us are very eager to accomplish this)

2. Xterra - I had originally planned to do the Dirty Devil in NJ but I don't think it is going to fit into the game plan.  Looks like I will have to fit one in after Timberman or immediately after Vineman.
3. Cedar Beach Sprint, Northport Sprint

4. Sag Harbor Olympic

5. Montauk 70.3 in October (this might be a little ambitious, will have to see how the body feels)

Despite not even racing yet I have already started to look into next season.  The plan is to get in another full season of racing 70.3's.  Triathlete Magazine had a page listing all of the Rev3 series and to be honest I might just race only Rev3 races next year.  They have a slew of races that are very nicely spread out to maximize recovery and to fit in some quality training.  However, next year is very far off and who knows what life will throw at you? ; )


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