Ignite Naturals - Reload Energy Gels

This past weekend I had a good amount of training to do, a 1 hour swim, an hour and twenty minute trail run and three hours in the saddle followed by a twenty minute transition run.  I figured this would be a great litmus test for Ignite Naturals' products.

On Saturday morning I woke up early and decided that my swim and run sessions would only be fueled by GSH Ignite and Reload Energy Gels.  I helped myself to two scoops of the Coco GSH Ignite about 30 minutes before jumping into the pool. Starting with an 800 yd warm up, through my interval work, to the last lap of my cool down, my energy level never wavered.  I felt just as strong and energetic from my first stroke to the last.  As I exited the pool I was nervous that my current energy level would dip or crash or worse, not carry over to my run.  I would soon find the answer after a 15 minute drive to the trails.

I threw on my watch, sunglasses, shoes and grabbed two Reload Energy Gels.  I hit start on my watch and I was off.  After a quick warm up and self analysis I was able to answer my question, my energy levels were still topped off and once again GSH Ignite proves to be the truth in long lasting, natural energy.  Now to put these Reload Energy Gels to the test.

I had my first gel about 40 minutes into my run.  The gel was very easy to tear open, just like any other gel.  That is about the only similarity these gels share with the other products that we endurance athletes have had experience and exposure to through the years.  A unique feature to these gels were their "power clip"  This clip is actually an extremely narrow slit that would allow you to slip your race belt through, extremely convenient for race day.  The first thought that passed through my head right before downing my first gel was, these better not taste bad and provide some nourishment because there was no other food in my system.  My second thought was, how will my stomach respond?

There is no mistaking the fig base of these gels.  The Wildberry Reload Gel had a welcomed sweetness and went down extremely easy.  Other gels I have used never went down as smoothly as these.  I was also extremely happy and impressed that there was zero after taste!  Every gel I have had in the past leaves behind a weird after taste that has you scrambling for water to wash the taste away.  Ignite's gels offer a unique and welcoming taste while eliminating after taste.

I decided to hold off on the second gel until I ran for a bit (for obvious reasons).  I ran for another 30 minutes with no burping or stomach rumbling.  I think I might have found my new race day gel.  I put down a second gel and knew I would finish this run strongly and with no stomach issues.

After my cool down and normal age group triathlete responsibilities of errands and family, there was still no GI issues.  I had certainly found my gels.

Ignite Naturals continues to knock home runs with their products.  I was sold on their GSH Ignite and I.N. Extreme Energy.  I'm now sold on their Reload Energy Gels.  Combing Ignite Naturals nutritional supplements with my work ethic and passion for triathlon will most certainly result in a successful 2012 race season.


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