Bike Test #3

Instead of the usual Hecksher Park threshold test that I have done the previous two times I opted to jump on the trainer.  The main reason that I decided to jump on the trainer was do to the weather.  It was very windy this morning at my apartment so therefor it would have been tornado like conditions down by the water.  Usually I'm all about going out in adverse conditions but for test purposes I wanted to be in the most controlled environment as possible.

One advantage of riding on the trainer is the ability to listen to music.  I set up a solid play list for the threshold test, re-read my notes on bike test #2, put some gas in the tank and saddled up.  Goals for the test, down blow up in the first 5 minutes, no major wattage spikes, maintain a high cadence and smooth speed.

                                 Test #2                                         Test #3
                           Avg Watts: 215                          Avg Watts: 222
                           Avg Cadence: 95                      Avg Cadence: 96

I felt very confident, strong and most importantly consistent throughout my test.  Once I reached what I thought was my threshold I did the best I could to maintain it.  Of course I tested that threshold a few times to see if it could maintain a higher wattage but I was pretty spot on.  I made sure to have as smooth a stroke as possible and anytime I started to muscle it I literally said out loud, "smooth speed".  I know these numbers are nothing to write home about but considering that I have been focusing mostly on the run for the past 8 weeks I'm satisfied with the improvement.  I am looking forward to transitioning to more of a bike focus for the next couple of months to see how strong I can get on the bike.

The more I learn about this amazing sport the more I know that I can make up the most amount of time on the bike.  With that being said I do not plan on taking anytime off after this season on the bike so that next season I can do some serious damage on the bike split.


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