Breakthroughs Build Confidence

I have put together some solid weeks of training and finally had some long awaited breakthroughs. Despite making regular progress I feel that this past week I took a jump forward instead of the normal, single step forward.

I went on a long, hilly ride with Matt this weekend with the main focus of dialing in my nutrition. I resorted to a 300 calorie per hour game plan based off of the method used on a Vermont training trip. The 300 calories formula worked great. After the ride I had plenty of energy and would have been ready to run. I still would like to get my nutrition dialed in a bit more before race day despite the solid day on the bike. Figuring out what my body needs to be successful at long course racing can be considered a breakthrough but what I deemed as a break through for that ride was how I felt on the hills. My climbing legs are coming back! I was getting nervous about there whereabouts. I'm nowhere near where I want to be but I was elated to feel confident on the hills. The Hulk is growing inside me. Now I just need to continue to apply the two phrases, "suffer now, celebrate later" and "smooth speed" and my legs will surely turn green and The Hulk will be ready to rage when angered!

The second breakthrough I had this week came in the pool. I have been making disappointingly, slow, steady progress the past couple of weeks and have been patiently waiting to knock down this barrier that laid before me. Finally last nite it happened. I once again altered my stroke slightly and found some extra power between the bottom of my ribs through my hip area. The feeling was exciting, the amount of power I harnessed and/or found was amazing. Needless to say my times dropped pretty dramatically and I finally made satisfying, and acceptable progress. There is still plenty of room for improvement and I look forward to tapping into my true potential.

As a result of these two breakthroughs I can honestly say that my confidence has begun to rear its head. I'm at the very beginning stages of feeling prepared and ready to race. A few more weeks of following Organic Coaching's game plan and I'm sure my race confidence will grow exponentially.


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