It's race season!

In previous posts I have briefly mentioned that I have some fairly lofty goals for this season.  For the past couple of months I have thought about these goals in general terms but I had not actually thought about them in detail.  Yesterday as I sat at work my goals popped into my head again so I grabbed a pen and began writing. There is something about actually writing goals down that make them a reality and concrete. I didn't start writing down words like, "My goals for this season include . . .. " Instead what I began to write down were numbers.  I have discovered that my goals from my very first race to today have become very detailed. What was once a goal of just finishing the race has evolved into specific times for each leg of the race.  An important objective with establishing goals is that you should have to reach for them but also make them attainable.  With that being said I have established very specific time goals for the swim, bike and run that will truly test my physical abilities and mental capabilities.  I am more confident about reaching my swim and bike goals than my run goal.  The time I have written down for the run will require my very best effort.  Now you are probably wondering what my exact time goals are, I'M NOT TELLING! You will have to wait to race day to find out.

I'm going to run you down off the bike, just sayin'


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