Swim Test #3

I have been looking forward to this test ever since I finished the last stroke on my previous test.  If you read about my last Swim Test results than you know how those crappy results provided instant motivation to work harder and smarter.  Since that test I have continued to develop and perfect my technique.  I also realized the significance of each swim session is to reach Matt's prescribed goals not, to reach my arbitrary goals of crushing each swim session.  

For this 1000yd TT test my goal was to avg 1:26/100yds (like last test) which means I would be going all out.  Matt's goal for me was to swim at a "constant pace and good effort".  

Swim Test #2                             Swim Test #3
Total Time: 15:02                      Total Time: 14:45
100yds Split: 1:30                      100yds Split: 1:28.5

Obviously I did not reach my goal of averaging 1:26 splits.  No, I'm not thrilled that I did not reach my goals.  I am however very pleased with a few aspects of my swim.  First, I had a very consistent and constant level of energy.  This energy level could only mean that my aerobic fitness/threshold is improving and that once again Ignite Naturals' GSH Ignite (www.ignitenaturals.com) is a great pre workout nutritional supplement.  Secondly, I felt very strong through out the entire swim.  I was shocked and extremely excited that my muscular endurance has evolved.  This feeling has added some solidification to my swim confidence.   This is a very different feeling than what I was experiencing during the second test.  During that second test my muscles were burning, my arms felt like cylinder blocks, and my lungs were working overtime.  My form! This is what made this swim an overall positive experience.  I felt very fluid in the water, my hips and legs felt raised, my stroke felt full and long and best of all I felt I was working with the water versus against it.

Taking another 15+ seconds off my total time is encouraging and is taking steps in the right direction.  Lowering my 100yds split is also a positive sign.  HOWEVER, I know that I can swim faster.  There is no way that I'm even close to reaching my potential in the pool and I'm very excited to see how far I can progress this year and where I will be this time next year.


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