Game Time

For nearly 7 months I have been pushing as well as redefining both my physical and mental boundaries in the name of becoming a better triathlete. Along the way I have had small victories as well as defeats but no matter the outcome I remained focused on my goals vowing to learn from my mistakes and to capitalize on my successes. It wasn't until very recently however that I have felt the culmination of these efforts, true strength.

Without any hesitation I can finally say that my aerobic foundation is rock solid. I'm a firm believer and preach Matt's philosophy of building a solid aerobic foundation. It is this foundation that one can build speed, strength, power, quickness and endurance upon. Without this solid foundation my body would have surely broken down resulting in injury, prolonged fatigue or enduring diminishing returns.

My feelings of strength are laid upon this platform. Physically, my body has been absorbing the training amazingly. The body gets to a point of stress where it must make a decision; either shut down to protect itself or push through and excel. I've been very fortunate that my body has responded favorably and to my liking when I have pushed it to or past it's limit. My muscular strength has been matched cardiovascularly. I have been able to work harder, longer and have been able to stretch out my anaerobic and aerobic thresholds.

These two feelings of strength are further paralleled by mental strength. I have developed a sound understanding of triathlon, training, racing, physiology and what it means to be an age group triathlete. I'm no longer a naive triathlete with blurry vision rather a focused student of the sport. At some points I believe that my understanding of the sport will get me through a tough race or the ability to trump my competitors versus relying on my physical fitness.

The combination of mind and body has been a catalyst for my confidence. This confidence has only been palpable for the last couple of days and I'm happy it has decided to show up to the party. It's not like I'm racing in two weeks or anything. And now that my confidence and fitness have collided I think I just might be ready to race?

Harryman 70.3 - May 19th 2012 - Harriman State Park NY


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